21 january

I walked again and could feel my body rebelling half way through. I haven't been sleeping well. I haven't been walking enough.

I took the granola to Starbuck's but Barista Carrie was not it. She works tomorrow, but early. So I left it for her. I didn't stay, it was crowded.

I went to Michael's. They were coating the parking lot. It stunk.

This Michael's has really gotten icky. It's crowded bit there doesn't seem to be much new stuff. I did find a paper pad which on sale. Just an 8x8 one since all I do is cards.

I went to the old Learning Express only to find it gone along with the Publix next door. Apparently Publix is enlarging. That Publix is old and small and desperate for an update.

I headed back up Bruce B Downs. Joann's was on the way so I stopped. I wanted to check if they sold the photo tape I love. They do so I know where I can use my coupons.

I looked around and found some stamps on clearance. I also found some Heidi Grace stuff on clearance. (But why is the Cloud 9 stuff, which is older than the HG stuff NOT going on clearance?) I had gotten the paper the last time I was in so I got some embellishments. $.97 each was too good to pass up.

I decided to try the newer Learning Express. Today the sign read 50% off everything. I asked about the gift certificate and they would accept it. They have a 90 day expiration date. And although this was dated October 27, there was no year on it. I didn't let them know it was probably from 2005 or earlier. I got 2 more gifts and spent $.13!

I have been looking for lined stationery. I stopped in the card shop but all they have are note cards or shopping lists. I went to Barnes & Noble. I didn't find any there but did find a notebook with perforated sheets. I went to pay with a gift card I found last week. It was from last year but had $35 on it. Yay!

The parts came in for the dryer. That will be nice to have it fixed.

My ankle is really aching today. Is it the walking or the change in weather?