20 january

I have a morning routine. And it's just been changed. Not by me but by the fail whale.

I could play ISO Words or blog.

Tough decision.

Speaking of routines. I need to get back into my routine after the boys leave for school which means walking. And processing photos. And eating better.

Yesterday after the meet-up, I went to Panera. It was just past 11 so I hoped it wouldn't be crowded. This Panera is near USF so lunch crowd is not contained to 11:30 to 1:30. I found a spot in the tiny parking lot and went in. They have created an outdoor smoking area inside the entry. Weird. Glad no one was smoking.

I ordered You Pick Two: creamy tomato soup with asiago cheese crutons and macaroni & cheese. Oh my! I love the soup. I have never been a crouton fan butlove how they get soft in the soup. The mac & cheese is new since I have been there. It is SO GOOD! I could have eaten lots but am glad I got the smaller portion. As it was, that half-filled ramekin cost me 490 calories!

Stephanie called just as I shoved in the last of the bread served with the soup. When she lived in Japan, we used to IM a lot as she was up late when I was getting up early. Then she moved back to the states and we rarely talk. She is supposed to call me this morning while I am walking.

Andy decided this fall he only likes shorts and trousers with strings. This is a problem since most of his trousers have elastic waist with a decorative plastic buckle. We haven't had many cold days so he got by with shorts. He does have one pair of jeans that are too big but he will wear them and he likes his track pants. I did find a couple of pairs of trousers at Lands' End with draw string waist but they are thin and meant for summer. (I am not a fan of kids wearing sweats to school.)

It's been cold. And Andy came out of his bedroom looking for clean trousers because he doesn't think ahead and ran out. I got angry and told him he would HAVE to wear another pair of trousers. He came out with a pair of new trousers not worn before. And they are too small. Nice. I pulled out his dirty pair of jeans and let him wear those.

I walked today! It felt good until 3/4 through and I could feel my ankle starting to ache. Arthritis is a bitch. Moving make you hurt. But not moving, after time, makes it worse.

Stephanie called. Talking makes the walk fly by. I probably look insane talking to myself. I use the iPhone earbuds so there is no Bluetooth thing stinking out of ear.

Stephanie mentioned that Bonnie is doing ShutterCal. I told Bonnie about ShutterCal but didn't know that she signed up. Her husband did too. I checked it out and signed up. Many people from Lifetime Moments are there. I uploaded a pic for all 20 days this month. (I am OCD that way.) I will probably use the same pic I use for The Daily Shoot. It would be cool if Best Camera added a setting to upload for there. Bit seeing as how long it took for them to integrate with Flickr, I won't hold my breath.

I scheduled time to make cards and process photos. I should be working right now but I spent too much time on the computer this morning. I was filtering more email and uploading to ShutterCal that I ate lunch very late.

OK, enough procrastination for now.

Eeks! (No, Apple, I did not mystype eels.)

I just realized I haven't been on Twitter all day. It was down this morning and I didn't have the time later.

I finally made some maple nut granola for Barista Carrie. She is vegan and could not eat any of the cookies I made loaded with butter and eggs. The granola recipe I have is vegan.

I made a card for Bonnie & Nick. Yes, it's 10 days late. It also took a long time. Probably because I was playing in Photoshop with fonts and word layers.

One problem I have with digital to-do lists is that I ignore non critical items. Then they mock me and laugh as I fail to complete even half of my list.

This morning I was reading Zen Habits and Leo talked about starting over. In fact, I like the quote at the beginning so much I used it on Bonnie's card. Leo said to let go of the past and just concentrate on today.

So I looked at my list of 18 items and decided on 9 I really wanted and needed to get done. And as of 7 pm, I have cleared off 8 of the items.

Baby steps.