17 january

I didn't get much done today.

Church takes up such a chunk of time. And my most productive time, late morning.

Dad tried to help out with the laundry but with the dryer not working yet, I could only dry half of what he washed at one time. And it was towels so they always take longer. At least the repair man got rid of the noisy rattle. It was a hanger. Oops.

I did make a couple of cards thinking I had to get them done to mail tomorrow. Then I remembered the holiday and realized they will be even later. Crud.

Weather has gotten warmer. I had to turn on the ceiling fans. And change into a short sleeved shirt! It is supposed to get cooler again tomorrow so maybe we can keep the a/c off for a few more days.

Bonnie is looking for an iPhone calendar app. She wants a full featured app with or without syncing to the computer. For years she has gone without anything digital and now wants the moon and the stars.

I got new batteries for the cordless phones. Now I can talk to Bonnie for hours using only one phone. Yep, we tested it out for four hours today. Which explains why I didn't get much done.