tazo full leaf teas, boo!

Starbucks has improved its Tazo Teas. They are now full-leaf.

Instead of getting 20 bags for $4.95, you now get 15 bags for $6.95. That is $.25 center per serving versus $.46 per serving. That's 84% increase!

Frankly, I don't see any improvement in taste. If anything, I think I like it less. Furthermore, I couldn't care less about the fancy tins the teas now come in. It's one more thing I need to recycle. No, I didn't recycle the cardboard boxes (shame on me) but they folded up and created little waste.

Once I can no longer find the older Tazo tea bags, I won't be buying anymore Tazo teas. The huge increase in price does not justify minimal taste improvements.