16 january

Domestic diva! Again?

It started out that way. Last night I soaked a pound of beans. This morning I put them in the slow cooker along with shallot, garlic, carrots, celery, peppers and corn. Then added broth and McCormack's white bean whili mix. No chicken. I am trying eat more vegetarian.

Then I started the computer maintenance. I ran Cocktail and started backing up the hard drives. I realized I didn't make brownies for Dana so I made a batch.

While they were baking I found that my photos did not back up. Huh? Oh crud! Not enough room. Time to look for an external hard drive asap! Amazon didn't have anything in stock that I wanted. I ended up going to OWC and paying $9.99 for second day air.

I would really love to get a Drobo for back up. An maybe I will start to look at saving some money so I can purchase one in the next few months. All these external hard drives and getting to be annoying and cluttering.

(Wordpress for iPhone has a major bug in it. Or maybe it's me. I tried to update an existng local draft. It did not save. Annoyed that I spent 15 minutes and lost it.)

The boys had haircuts today. I used Andy's left-over hair for my daily shoot. Dana thinks I am weird but she loved the brownies so it all works out.

Learning Express is having $40 off everything! I asked of they were closing but they said they were just trying to generate business. The boys got some valentine's card kits and I got a birthday gift for MG. I didn't use cash since the items are really gifts. I have budgeted money for gifts so I'll dock that envelope later. Cash will be for my non-budgeted expenses.

We went to Barnes @ Noble. I grabbed 2 magazines. I really need to get subscriptions to save some money. Then I went looking at cookbooks. I have been wanting Martha Stewart's Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone's Favorite Treat. I was wondering if there were any muffin recipes. There aren't so that book will stay on the wishlist. I did find another muffin book, The Ultimate Muffin Book: More Than 600 Recipes for Sweet and Savory Muffins. It had no photos. I don't need the photos but they help. I finally got to see The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl. I don't really cook much but it's more than a cook book. It's Ree's photos and blog posts too. Though the print quality is not photo book quality, I do really want it.