15 january

I stayed home Wednesday. I was quite domesticated. At least I didn't do any housework. I'd might have to have myself committed.

It was still too cold to walk. I spent the time going through pictures. I have lots that need labelling and editing. Bonnie is sending me photos to edit so I best get caught up on my own.

I finally called for dryer repair service. They are coming out on Friday.

I made muffins for dad. I found a recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip at All Recipes. The recipe also called for pecans. I was going to skip that part but found a bag in the freezer. I tend not to read the recipe all the way through before I start. I was only to put have the pecans in the batter and half on top. Oops, it all went into the batter. Frankly, I think it is better because half would seem like not enough nuts.

Once the muffins were baking, I started some soup in the crock pot. I started with some chicken breasts, added a shallot, some garlic, celery, carrots & potatoes. Then I added chicken broth, salt & pepper. Dad did not like the twigs rosemary so I added some parsley and thyme. Before it was done, I shredded the chicken and added a cup of heavy cream. It was OK. I think it was kind of bland. I am still not comfortable with spices. Also, the creamy did not thicken the soup any. I guess I need to learn how to add flour to thicken the broth.

Before the soup was done, I make spritz cookies using the cookie press that Bonnie gave me last year. It started off OK. But the cookies are fragile and a bit boring without decorative sugars. (Figures that I had just thrown away all of the decorating sugars and sprinkles taking up space in my cabinet.) I had egg whites left over so I used a basting brush then added either sanding sugar or table sugar. I even tried cinnamon on one batch. I think the sanding sugar tasted the best. It would have been even better with double the sugar. But in the end, the cookies just don't seem worth the effort. But I also got rid of some nagging guilt by finally using the cookie press.