12 january

Having a bit of a problem getting back on the wagon. Let's see where I can pass the blame.

1. the boys had a LONG break and didn't go back until yesterday.

2. It's been too cold to walk. I never thought I would say that but it's true. Walking in temps below 40 without the proper gear is not very smart.

3. yesterday was my birthday. Also the second Monday which means momthly photowalk and Brews & Views.

Whenever the boys have been home a while, the first day, or more, end up being errand days and treat myself to lunch days. I should acknowledge this and lower my expectations.

Yesterday, was nonexception. Even with my dad here, I feel guilt leaving the boys to run errands if they can wait. A bunch of little stuff piled up and had to be done yesterday. I did take out some broccoli soup buy Tijuana Flats Veggie Burrito sounded so good. And it was.

When I got home, I made a card for Justin and managed to eat not one but two carrot cupcakes and an apple before I had to leave for the photowalk. With the shorter days, it starts early.

So basically the only walking I did was from the car to the shops and back again. The photwalk may have covered a mile or so but it was slow and full or stops to shoot another picture.

Brews & Views was held at Tampa Bay Brewing Company. I had never gone. It was nice and no crowded. The cold temps were keeping lots of people home. I tried One Night Stand Pale Ale and found it bitter but I drank it. I later ordered a wheat beer and enjoyed that much more but I had to leave before I could finish it.

We had an interesting group. Ross brought a stroller to carry his gear. Ross is a character. I hope I will see more of the same people at the next photowalk. I actually prefer a small group so I can talk to everyone.

We got dinner. I ordered a veggie burger. It was good! I had red wine spilled on me. I was a bit concerned since at the time, I only owned one pair of jeans and would need them in the morning. But when I got home, my order from Lands' End had arrived.

I had to leave early to get home for Ryan's bedtime. I missed it by 3 minutes. He wasn't really upset but he would talk to me either. Guilt.

I have a boatload of photos to process. Someday.