tuesday 9.8


Busy day. I went to the first meet up for the Tampa Photography Forum. I was late and will be since I have to wait until the bus picks up Ryan. No big deal. We met at Café Kili which is a coffee shop run by Kenyans. So my request for a black tea latté threw them off a bit. She ended up steeping black tea in whole milk. Rich!

The meeting was interesting. Moslty new people, a few who go to the NPPF meetings. One guy asked a lot of questions about how to use flash with his camera. I really need to get a flash. A few of us had photos to show. My slideshow went OK. I need to have to pics stay longer before it moves onto the next one. They did say there will be some Monday morning walks. Good. But I hope they are not too early.

All the photo talk made me want to go shoot. But where? No one was local to Temple Terrace so no good suggestions. I thought about the Big Top Flea Market but they are only open on Saturdays and Sundays. I turned around to go to Lettuce Lake Park. As I passed the bypass canal, I saw a concrete drainage ditch covered in graffiti. I think it would be a cool spot to shoot with the right light. I added it to my list.

I don't know what I was thinking going to Lettuce Lake Park. I didn't have the time to wander about. So I walked on the boardwalk until I could see the lake then turned back. The lake is overgown and is not continuous. The most exciting thing I saw were squirrels.

The appointment. We got there early but had to wait. They called us in and we went to get weighed. Andy hesitated since it is one of walk/ride scales. But he let them weigh him. 138. Next was the height. He didn't want the thing to come down so I adjusted it and he went under. 5'-6". He would not allow the nurse to take his blood pressure with the wrist cuff. I did it to show it wouldn't hurt. I was surprised my blood pressure was not high, 117/79. I like that wrist cuff much better than the arm cuff that practically squeezes your arm in two.

Then we waited. And waited. And waited. It was 3:50 when the doctor finally showed up. He listened to Andy's heart and checked his knees. He asked him to touch his toes and stand on one leg, then the other. And we were done. He seems like a really nice doctor. His specialty is rheumatology. The appointment was free!

We were too late to pick up Ryan and I knew he would be upset. We stopped at Wendy's to get fries. OK I got a junior frosty... I was thirsty and didn't want any caffeine.

Ryan was upset but it didn't last long. Whew.

On the way back from the doctor's office, I saw Shannon's Produce Market. It looks bigger than the other places I have been. I will have to back this week and check it out. Speaking of fruit, I got some great peaches and kiwi from Target. Yeah, I know.