weekend update


Saturday. Not much to blog about today. I wasted a couple of hours in the morning with my eyes unable to open. Only a full bladder made me wake up enough to remove myself from that chair. The rest of the day was more productive. I backed up hard drives and updated software. I made 3 cards and processed my photos from yesterday. On the home front, I did some laundry and made 3 meals. Actually 5 meals if you consider that I don't eat the same breakfast nor dinner as the boys. I ate lots of fruit and vegetables today. Lots. The boys hung out in their rooms most of the day.

Sunday morning. I got up at 6, grabbed some tea and sat that chair. Then spent the next 90 minutes on my iPhone checking email, reading Twitter and blogs. I looked up to see the sky light and realized that I had missed the sunrise. Nothing new, I miss the sunrise everyday and that is what hit me. I am never just being unless I am asleep. When awake, I am always doing. Reading, eating, creating, working, blogging, shooting, cleaning, washing, driving, walking, shopping... But never just being. I need to work on that. Ironic, I know.

All I wanted to do today was sleep. I didn't but I wanted to. I made some granola to send to a friend. I made another card and did some laundry. I filled out the form for Andy's physical and read. Not exciting at all.

I think the neighbors had all the excitement. Lots of screeching and wooting coming from the pool. I am glad all is quiet now.

Keeping it real/TMI... I ate a lot of fruit this weekend. A lot. I wasn't doing any fruit fast of cleanse. I was just enjoying all the fruit I got at the markets last week. However, after this effects of eating a lot of fruit, I know I will never do a fruit fast. And that's all I am going to say.

It's a good thing Bonnie called or I might have spent the rest of the afternoon semi-conscious in that chair.

I did manage to get potd posted and a slideshow for tomorrow's meet-up. Other than that... I did make dinner though dessert was really sad as there have been no cookies for 2 days. I ate a bowl of mini marshmallows.

I read The Graveyard Book. Very good. A++