thursday 9.3


I decided to make some Moo Cards. I got the size requirements and decided on 100 images. I dragged them into Photoshop and start cropping. First I goofed and put some in the wrong folders when I saved them and then I couldn't find them. Ugh. OK got that fixed. After Ryan was off to school, I decided to only work on this for 30 minutes. I didn't spend much time on each photo, just crop and go! It's amazing how quickly I can work when forced. Some photos just don't work when cropped to that size and I had to ditch them. I had 90 photos done when the timer went off so I just finished. I started the upload of 95 images and went to take a shower.

The upload was done when I come out. I started to look at their crops and realize I didn't get the right dimensions. I was using the bleed. Many photos are OK, some needed adjustment. But quite a few don't work so I deleted them. I get down to 50 to print which gives me 2 of each if I want to save one. Why? I have the original. I am a little disappointed that there is no option for a custom back. You can choose one of their icons and type in up to 6 lines of type. I kept it simple. When I do get to the point where I need more professional business cards, I probably won't be using Moo. I went to checkout and 1password crashes safari. Feck! Back to the upload and ... This time I was able to checkout without a problem.

I called to make an appointment for Andy with the doctor. I could have gotten in today or tomorrow but times conflicted with bus routes and haircuts. I felt bad saying no. We have an appointment on Tuesday at 3. It may be cutting it close but S assured me she can get me in and out quickly.

11:00 @ Starbucks. Crowded. I had to sit at a table! Oh a chair has opened up but I am OK. I should leave soon anyway. Someone (a guy) smells good. It's been too long since I have smelled men's cologne.

I saw two helicopters hovering around the Hillsborough river on the way to the chiropractor. Hmm... Good adjustment and they are always so appreciative of my cookies. (Yeah, I know, but I love the praise.)

I couldn't decide where to go to shoot so I went to Tijuana Flats for lunch. Food was not hot enough and cooled off to quickly. And there were too many noisy kids around.


A steady rain so I didn't try anywhere to shoot. I went home via Bearss and stopped at the market. Bigger selection. Better photos.

Then I went to Publix and home. Not too many shots taken today. Most of the cloud shots had to be tossed. I don't have anything for perspective. I guess I won't be on theme today.

Just enjoying the quiet until Andy come home. Oh there are the beeps.

Andy's bus came earlier than expected. I was in the bathroom. I need to readjust the time.


Ryan came home and did 5-10 minutes of homework. I think it was math since he did it right away. Then he wanted to go out. Dang, it's humid! Ryan snuck back in and I was left out alone. Andy came back out and we saw that our neighbors were out. We went over & visited. T climbed a tree and I took some pictures but they didn't come out. A hawk grabbed a lizard from the driveway and ate him while sitting on my mailbox. I had the wrong lens. Those birds are pretty amazing.