tuesday 9.29


Silly jibberish yesterday. See what happens when I unfocused. Well that is about to change. Seems there is some confusion about my dad's snowbirding plans. My sister seems to think he is moving down for good. See, my dad can be rather vague and evasive. He likes people to know only just enough. He has asked if I wouldn't mind him spending more time here. Of course I said yes. He mentioned to my sister the same and then went on to say something about not going back to Michigan! Oh!


In that case, I have decided to move my someday project of moving the bedrooms around to now. Currently, the boys share a bedroom, my dad has a bedroom and the middle room is the playroom for the boys. I am going to move my dad into the boys' room (it's slightly bigger) and then split up the boys into their own rooms. Ryan says he doesn't want his own room (he doesn't like change) but he has been complaining when he is using his computer and Andy is using his own and is too loud.


I asked Ryan what color he wanted gis room painted and he said yellow! But that's Andy's favorite color. Ugh.


I walked around Lettuce Lake Park after my photo meet-up. There were 2 groups of school kids so I was slowed up a bit. I saw some big icky spiders. I tried to shoot them but it was breezy so they kept moving. The breeze felt good.


I got some paint samples. Mostly neutral greens and browns but some yellow. I think I will paint one wall yellow in each of the boys' rooms. I need something darker to hide the dirt.


Dad did return my email but he was vague and evasive. He said not to bother with the rooms but they really need the painting. I just wish I had started a couple of weeks ago. Three weeks should be enough time if I can stay away from Starbuck's. I did manage to stay away even though I drove by 4 of them today.