p_1024_768_90255342-E5E6-4750-ABF4-B1F7E8504602.jpegI had plans to do some walking and shooting around Seven Oaks this morning. But it rained. It doesn't normally rain in the mornings, grrr.

I decided to get some tea, cash, gas and then up to the Lake Jovita Farmer's Market. On Bruce B Downs at Williamsburg, the signal light beam was sitting on the side of the road. I circled around and illegally parked my car and got out. Even with the rain I had to take pictures. When do you ever get a chance to get so close? Man, those are big!

The ATM froze at the bank so I had to circle around and right a check. I didn't feel like waiting in the rain anymore. The gas pump gave me some problems and I finally moved on to another pump. I realized then it was user error. I did get it to work but can someone please explain why you are asked if you want a receipt but when it comes time to get it you are prompted to see the cashier? No, this isn't a one-off. It happens all the time at that Hess. and maybe someday I will learn and click No?

p_2048_1536_B757EBDB-56B4-4392-AC37-48C68595A5FF.jpegIt was a bit sad driving up to San Antonio. The pastures which where short grass and few shade trees is now filling up with scrub since the cows are gone. The produce looked and smelled good but the selection was slim. It's not a true Farmer's Market as the owner goes to Plant City then brings it back. I wonder how much farther it is to Plant City?

I drove back 52 to the interstate. I stopped at Marathon Coach and asked to take some photos of the custom rigs sitting outside. The office manager was hesitant but she asked her boss. He was very nice and said "Sure!"

I went to Tijuana Flats for lunch and it was good. Just a small bean burrito meal with half & half tea. Then I remembered that I had forgotten the cookies for Dana. I thought I had enough time to dash home. I was a few minutes late but then I had to wait a few minutes. I just rattled on and barely let Dana talk. At least I looked I at the baby book so subtly placed on the cabinet in front of the chair. The new salon is nice. There are 4 stylists and each one has her own room.

p_1024_768_61728FBD-AF86-4622-A36C-423A5E44A04E.jpegWhen I was home to pick up the cookies, I got my prints from MpixPro and my DCI I Am Not a Paper Cup. I went back to Starbucks. I tried the vanilla rooibos since it has no caffeine. It has a different flavor. I might get used to it. Or maybe I should try to get used to the chai? My prints look great. Now I realize I should get some business cards for the meet-ups. A good excuse to get some Moo Cards.

My home wi-fi is acting up again, grrr. This is the 3rd time this week I have had to reboot it.

Andy is home. The bus driver said he did well during the bus evacuation. I had never heard of such a thing. He has also has had 2 fire drills, though one wasn't planned. They don't seem to bother him.

It started raining after Ryan got home. Soon Andy was running and looking for his umbrella. He had seen Ryan out with his and wanted to play. They were in the backyard and I could here thunder in the distance. I was checking to see how close the more intense storms were when they came back inside just as the rain came down in buckets. We got about 2 inches or more and those noisy frogs were at it all night.

Ryan is now able to wash his hair without me, yay!

I follow too many blogs clips too many articles to read. Newspaper? TV? No time!

I am having a hard time staying away from my awesome cookies. At least they are fresh and made from scratch.