monday 9.28


(more zoo photos with slightly crazy talk in between)


I am one of those people who get more done when I have more on my plate. My grades in school were always better when I played sports or had a job. I scheduled my time better.


Now with no deadlines or such, I am a sloth. I need to make myself a project and set times to work. I need discipline. Why does that word look so ugly? Perhaps structure is better? Not really, it feels confining. Oh but that's why it is good. Ugh... I want to be free to flitter about doing a bit of this a bit of that but none of that stuff called work. If it was fun it would be called play.


I want to be one of the ladies who lunch then nap in the afternoon until dinner. Late dinner. Followed by drinks and lively conversation.


Oh good grief! Who am I kidding? I am no social butterfly. I would be exhausted after one day with all that idle chit chat.


OK, let's try another fantasy...


I would rather be travelling the world taking wonderful photography. Traveling where the mood strikes me. Meeting people, a few becoming good friends.