Swaptember is when the Florida Aquarium, the Lowry Park Zoo and MOSI allow members of one admission to the others. We got the annual park to the Aquarium in July. Looking back, it might have been a mistake. Though it is mostly indoors and nice to visit in the summer, it is a drive.


I liked going to the zoo. It was small and we could get through it pretty quickly. They have expanded the zoo a lot of the years. It is more than double the size. Now there are rides including a small rollercoaster and a flume ride. Is Busch Gardens too much competition? Andy started whining about 10 minutes into the visit. I am not sure if it was the heat or the fact that Ryan was leading. But Ryan always leads so I am betting on the heat. Andy was braver than Ryan and tried out the hurricane force wind machine. Ryan got upset/embarrassed that Andy covered his ears. He really dislikes when Andy does any of his autistic behaviors. He knows they are not normal but can't understand that it is OK to have some quirks.


Ryan loved watching them test the flume ride. Andy would have liked to go on the rides but not Ryan. When dad gets here, I will take Andy back so he can ride. I will get him a wrist band for unlimited rides.


In the past, we have had annuals passes to all 3. MOSI, which happens to be the closest, got used the least. They had only a small kids area and my kids never really enjoyed it. They did love the computers, when they worked. A couple of years ago, MOSI added a new building with kids in mind. It's called Kids In Charge. It reminds me of the science center in Toronto. Lots of hands on activities. Ryan happily wandered about for almost 2 hours. There is a bed of nails that fascinates Andy. But he wouldn't lie on it. He just wanted others to do it and he then likes to touch the nails when they come up. No, I wasn't brave enough. I didn't want to break the machine or bend the nails.


We finally left about 2:30. I think Ryan wanted to stay but he wouldn't say where he wanted to go. I asked the boys if they had a good time and they said they did. Would you rather go to MOSI or the Zoo? MOSI. Would you rather go to MOSI or the Aquarium? The Aquarium. MOSI memberships are on 20% off through September. Hmm...


I had forgotten my 8gb CF card but I had plenty of smaller ones. I didn't expect to go through my 4gb card but I did as well as another 2gb card. I started on a third card before we left. Uploaded over 700 images... slow.


The true measure of a good day... both boys sound asleep before 8:30.

(I still have lots more photos to edit and post.)