thursday 9.24


Not starting out so good. The chirp! continues. I slept but I wonder if it affected my sleep. I feel exhausted. Grumpy. (Chirp is gone! It was another smoke detector sitting in a bin.)

Two things are at odds with each other. My diet and my new fondness for hanging out at Starbucks. The program I use for my diet reduces the amount of allowed calories as you lose weight. Since spring, I have "lost" about 200 allowed calories per day. A venti non-fat awake tea latté is 200 calories. See the problem? I need to exercise more so I can indulge. Or I could switch to plain tea, only 32 to 48 calories depending on how sweet I want it.

Bugger! I walked this morning. Just a short one before water aerobics. I stopped to take a photo and forgot to hit resume. Also, bad chemicals inhaled as I had to walk by a man cleaning the masonry wall. He had a mask on.

Burning new music to disks. It just sounds better in the car than my iPod.

Totally stuck my foot in my mouth at water aerobics.

All summer long when we went to the pool there was a creepy guy in a black speedo. He would come in wearing baggy jeans and a t-shirt then strip to his speedo. He never got in the water, just sunbathed and listened to his music. Sometimes he would slowly walk around the pool.

Two weeks I mentioned his to Colletta and she said he was her husband. I thought she was joking. She never mentioned his name said it in a way that I took for very dry sarcasm. (my specialty) I though she said something about the others teasing her about him staring at her.

Today... someone mentioned how we were only ones there. There were no ______ here. And I chime in "... and no weird guys in black speedos." Silence. I decide to let it drop. After we are done, Reneé comes over to me and says "weird guy in black speedo" really is Colletta's husband. Crap! What do I say? Apologize or just let it go?

This is why I don't have many friends. I say the wrong things at the wrong time and feel like a complete eejit long after the faux pas.

And yet... I am no longer content to stay home. I am at Barnes & Noble. I had some chai. I am weak.

I find out today that Andy can/is going bowling on Saturday for Special Olympics. His teacher says I signed the permission slip but I don't think I did. I have no record of it. So... do I let him go? It's all the way near St Pete. His bus leaves at 9:30 and gets back sometime between 3 and 5. (I found the permission this morning and signed it. Ryan agreed to go and watch Andy bowl. Or maybe just go and play video games.)