wednesday 9.23


It was rather moist this morning when I went walking. I am still struggling to find my groove.

I just don't "get" the tattoos that look like you were bored in class and wrote all over your arms. Not that I really like tattoos anyway. I do appreaciate that some are beautiful and could be considered art. Connect-the-dot? Nope.

I haven't heard one thing from my siblings and inlaws in regards to the album pages I did. Too little too late? Sure some compliments would be nice but what I really want to know if anyone cares. Should I bother continuing this?

One more order. The plus side is that the recent orders have been small and no free shipping. Then again, it's mostly sale stuff and the $6 doesn't always cover the full shipping cost.

Rather dull these days.

Smoke detector started chirping last night. It was quiet enough and I slept. Tonight I heard it again. Ryan said it was OK but I knew it would bother me. I changed the battery. chirp! I removed the unit. chirp! I took the smoke detector out to the garage. chirp! It's in the ceiling and continues. chirp!