tuesday 9.22


Ryan is in a miserable mood. Making everyone else miserable. Happy Birthday. Bah!

I don't know what is wrong. He says doesn't want his bike. He says doesn't want gifts. I think he would have loved to crawl in my lap but I had to take a shower. He won't say but I wonder if he is feeling anxious about getting older. He wants to celebrate it and forget at the same time.

TPF meeting today. More social this morning. I didn't get a chance to show my photos. Two new people today, Ross and Ana. He is a model photog and she is a doctor. She showed up to ask about cameras. I cringed but then realized she had a direction.

I am disappointed that I can't go this weekend to the car show. Rachel is busy.

I packed a wrap for lunch then went to mosi. I paid for the membership then went to the Butterly exhibit. It was much smaller than I expected and the part where the butterflies were was locked. Disappointed.

So I had to stop at Starbuck's to make myself feel better. I did only order a tall.

Crud! When Ryan said it was a toddler bike I thought he was comme ting about the seat being low. But I got home and looked at the bike. It is smaller than Andy's. It's not a "toddler bike" but has 20" wheels meant for tricks. His current bike has 20" wheels. So I called the bike shop and the only one with 24" wheels is black (like Andy's) and a lot more money. Crap!

A happy boy got off the bus today. And he wants to keep the bike. He opened his gifts and then sat down to play Sorry. Alone. Even though I offered to play. He got some money and was happy to put the $10 back in his bank. All is well.