monday 9.21


Falling behind. Last week seemed to go so well that I got lazy and now I am behind. I have so many photos to edit, so many things I want and need to do. I hate this feeling.

Disappointed in my latest buy from Shannon's. Somethings just don't last. I had to throw away a melon this morning.

Disgusted at how much gunk had built up on my earrings. I hadn't taken them out of my ears in over a year. My left ear love has been itching. I took out my earring and hearly gagged at the build up. I tried hydrogen peroxide then vinegar and finally got them clean and sparkly with Charlie's Soap. I wonder if Wendy has this problem?

Picked up Ryan's bike. I hope he rides it. He can be so fickle. I need to get home and wrap his gifts. Bother, they arrived too late. I'll have to do it tomorrow.

Why did I think chai tea was decaf? Is doesn't affect me like regular black tea.