thursday 9.17


When did life get some busy? OK, I exaggerate. But it seems like I have something to do everyday that takes me out of the house. This is good since I feel like I have been house bound for too long. House bound is also an exaggeration. I had a job. It was in my home. I stayed at home to work. I was not house bound which is probably why I felt the need to go out to lunch everyday. Which is odd since I don't consider myself very social. I ate lunch alone and buried my nose in an eBook. Perhaps it is just leaving the house that is the goal. No, since a walk should work but it doesn't seem enough. I think I need to see other people in the world. Which means I cannot retire as a hermit afterall.

(Yeah, I know. Weird stream of consciousness.)

Always follow your instincts. I almost grabbed another shirt to change after I went to the zoo. But I reasoned that I wouldn't be staying that long. Doesn't matter, I was sweaty in about 10 minutes! Now my shirt is damp and a bit chilly sitting in the car.

It was another good visit. I saw the African penguins and the Wallaroo Station. There are so many new things since my last visit to that area. Bunderling the koala is new and cute but rather boring. They are nocturnal and sleep a lot! Besides, he is behind glass with a flourescent light behind him so photos are crap. The small bats have been replaced by huge fruit bats. Yuck! The small jeep ride has been replaced by a small roller coaster. Why do they have to have rides at the zoo? Another new addition are the budgies. Lots of cute chirpy birds up close. I am sure they were cursing me for not feeding them.

Expect a lot more zoo photos next week.