wednesday 9.16


Separate beds is a good thing. Or at least sticking to your own side of the bed.

Andy suggested wearing socks and tennis shoes today. It's a good thing in case he has to wear bowling shoes. His new sneakers fit well with some room for growth.

(Oops! I forgot to blog about bowling. Well, I have a lot of poor pictures to go through so I guess that will be another blog post. Maybe this weekend?)

I had every intention of being good. Then I asked Andy if he wanted some pizza for lunch. "Yes!" And he waited patiently for the 10 minutes. It was a little 7" pizza. I cut it up and took a bite of the crunchy crust. Oh it's been so long since I have had real pizza, even at a bowling alley. I had baked salmon this morning and made salmon salad with it and wrapped it up on some flat bread. I had a cheese stick and a peach. It was in the car. But...

Did I mention that CiCi's Pizza was across the parking lot? I'd never been but was always curious. So after the bus left, I checked the nutritional info for CiCi's. It wasn't bad as long as you limit yourself to 2-3 slices. Oh... I had 6. But they seemed so small! And well, some of them sounded so... interesting. Let's see, nothing was labelled so I am not exactly sure but I think I had Alfredo with bacon, ham and cheddar, cheese, macaroni and cheese and mushroom. None of them were great. I probably won't go back. I almost got dessert but then remembered that I have to bake cookies. Why waste calories on something that won't be as good as what I make?

Then again... I am not sure these cookies are going to be that great. I thought I was making them the same size as Martha reccommends, but then they are a little over cooked. They still taste good and chocolatey but are a bit thin and too crispy. And I had no idea I would use over half a jar of sanding sugar! That can get expensive. I think the chocolate sugar cookies are easier and better. I would like to get a good butter cookie recipe like Dorothea used to make.