tuesday 9.15


Man! Tuesday mornings are busy! Once Ryan is on the bus, I hop in the car and go to my photography meet-up. I hate being late but there is nothing I can do. All guys today and me. Others had their thumb drives and were asking for critique. I hope not every meeting goes like this. I know most of the stuff Jeff is explaining.

I went to, wait for it, Tijuana Flats for lunch. Just as I walked in I got an email saying that TF was now following me. On Twitter that is. I did opt for a little different meal, spinach and artichoke quesadilla. It was OK. I prefer the plain cheese better.

I found Evening Primose Oil at Target! And it is a lot cheaper. This bottle has 75 capsules of 1000 mg for $6.99. The price at The Vitamin Shoppe was $10.99 for 25 capsules of 500 mg.

I made some popcorn this afternoon. I don't know what possessed me but I decided to find out exactly how many calories it was. Oh my... ! OK, I have to cut down on the butter and I have to limit the amount I eat. Good grief! Now it is dinner time and I find myself without an appetite.

I got the cookie dough made. But I will have to bake them tomorrow. When, I am not sure. Tomorrow is Special Olympics Bowling in Zephyrhills. Can I manage 3 1/2 hours without getting bored?

Tetris is fun but not relaxing. I used to have Bejewled on my Palm. I remember there being no time limit and I equated that to relaxing. So I purchased it for the iPhone. It's not relaxing either. But it is fun.