monday 9.14


I am Starbucks. My plan was to come here and catch up on all the blog an internets reading in my queue. So far I have spent 30 minutes on Twitter and and adding to the pile. Really, I should have done the reading this weekend but...

I made the mistake of buying Tetris for the iPhone. Then Ryan wanted it. OK not a big deal. But in order to add it to Ryan's iPod, I had to disable restrictions. I left them off and then he tried to buy an app. "I don't have a password." Uh, no and you won't get one either. Surprising, he went into his bank for the $10 for Madden NFL 10. He did have some trouble in the beginning but is doing better with it now.

I started reading a real live book! It's one I got recently in the bargain section. Unfortunately, it's one I have already read and have on digital. Oops. Yes, I am still reading it. It's a decent book. Yes the outcome is predictable but I am enjoying reading the details again.


Hmm... the barista at Starbucks is fickle. One day I got a refill for $.54. The next day she gave me one for free. Last week it was full price. So I asked someone else about the policy. OK so technically lattés are not included. Then why did I get such a good deal those 2 days? Perhaps she didn't know either. So now the venti is a better value. But my DCI I Am Not a Paper Cup is only 12 ounces. I guess it's telling me one tall per visit is enough.

I spent some time reading from Instapaper. At least half are better read on my desktop so I moved them to appropriate folder. But when will I get to them? I need to accept that I can't read it all not view every video that comes my way. How do those who watch TV, have jobs, social lives, etc, do it all?


It's probably a good thing but all the fruit was gone by today's breakfast. I could not go to Shannon's as they are closed on Mondays. I went to Publix and got some peaches and cantaloupe. I hope they are not bad. (The melon is almost tasteless.) I also remembered to look for Diswasher Magic. They have it for $3.99, way cheaper than my last bottle. They did not have any Evening Primrose Oil which is supposed to be good for brittle nails. To prevent them, I need nothing to cause them. The pharmacist had not even heard of it. I checked google and the closest place is The Vitamin Shoppe at slug mall or Brandon. Hmm... Do I want to spend over $10/month on this? And it will take about 6 weeks to show results.