friday 9.11


Routines can be good. Until you forget you are meant to be doing something different that day. After Andy left, I went inside and started to update my blog and post photo of the day. Once I was finished, I realized I should have taken a shower so I can leave for the zoo after Ryan gets picked up. Bit I had enough time and showered and dried my hair and now I sit waiting for his bus. His original pick up time is 8:42 but they are usually late.

The zoo was fun! When was the last time I said that? Oh right, never. I have never gone by myself. I have either been a kid myself with a school group or with my own kids. I could take any shots I wanted and go anywhere. And I did. I only did the Asian and primate areas but took over 800 shots. I am so glad I decided to go back for my battery. I needed it. I am not sure how the long shots will come out. I am too shaky. I tried to brace myself against the railings but... An annual for an adult is only $45 and an additional 10% off if I get one this month. I can see doing this on the way to the chiropractor.

Now I am hungry.

Lunch was good.

I stopped to take some photos of the Hamner Fire Tower. I liked the sky behind it. I guess 800 photos from the zoo wasn't enough.

I thought some more tea might be good. The zoo charges over $5 for a tall tea, no latté. (I was going to take this out once I realized my dyslexia mislead me. The tea is $1.55, not $5.15.) Glad I had gotten one on the way. Yelp! showed no places along my route. So I skipped it. See, being lazy can be good.

I am glad that Tijuana Flats finally posted the nutritional information. Seeing what the difference in calories the regular cheese and low fat cheese, I may have to make the switch. I might try it next week.

Andy's new sandals came today. They fit but seem a little hard to get on. I think it is because he has a high arch like his dad. Maybe Tevas might be a better option.

Saturday 9.12 I have whittled the 825 photos down to 209. Then I whittled some more and found 41 photos that I would like to process. Expect to see some of them next week.