thursday 9.10



These were shot with my iPhone. I know the quality isn't that great but I had to show that Ryan's does cooperate now and again.

Ack! Make it stop!

I am planning on going to water aerobics this morning. It starts at 10. That gives me an hour to do something. I was thinking about either washing down the cabinet fronts (FlyLady task from Tuesday) or walking. Then, as I sit playing solitaire and my eyes are getting heavy, I am thinking of Starbucks. Starbucks! A year ago it never crossed my mind. I used to shake my head at those who had to know where the closest one was. Now I can't stop thinking about it. What drug do they put in their drinks?



I did a short walk around the area. I was a little slower this morning. I think I was looking around too much and I stopped a couple times to take some pictures. The cranes barely registered me. The one on the right never looked up. I guess she was relying on her mate.

No one at the pool yet. There is a sign on the gate. Oh,,, the playground is closed for maintenance. They are adding mulch. C is here in a really bright pareo. Oh and that man with the black speedo and man boobs just walked up. I could go and be social or stay in the car...

Water aerobics is done and I am so sleepy and hungry. Shower and lunch.


Once I added in my meals and exercise, I was only at about 100 calories. So guess where I went. I did the drive-thru at Starbucks then went to Shannon's Farm Fresh Produce. It's a nice place. Lots of great looking stuff and I paid attention to the prices. Much better than Publix and only 20 minutes away. (When we lived in Grosse Pointe, we were used to driving 30-40 minutes to go anywhere to shop. The Village was close but not a great selection.)


I was taking photos and the guy asked if I was going to start up my own place. I explained that I was just shooting for me and he kept talking to me. I asked him where he got his produce and he said mostly Tampa Wholesale. He said they were the best place around and worth the costs. He said that Publix has to get their produce from California (??) so their costs are higher and the quality is lower. He was very chatty and showed me all that they throw out each day, about 3-4 30 gallons bins full. He also showed me to reduced table, stuff that needed to be used that day.

The peppers looked so good but I don't really eat peppers unless they are in a soup, stew or such. I filled up my Longaberger market basket for about $11. I would like to make this a weekly trip.

I am sitting outside waiting for Andy's bus. These darn weaver ants keep crawling up my legs.

Andy's bus was late. It started raining and I noticed a lot of water coming out through the joint betweet the gutter and the downspout. It wasn't raining hard so I can imagine the load that comes out when it does rain heavy. I've added it my home repair list.

I made real popcorn. I used a pan with olive oil. I don't think I have ever made it on a gas stove. The rules might be different. I did scorch a few kernels but mostly it was fine. It's more filling and tastier than microwave popcorn. I did melt some butter but once that was gone, the salt alone was fine.

Waiting for Ryan's bus now and still battling the ants. Rain only makes things more humid.