wednesday 9.9


Apple is supposed to announce new iPods today. Since I have my iPhone, I am not very interested in iPods. I may have to get a replacement for Andy soon though he doesn't seem bothered by not being able to use it outside of his bedroom. (Edited: Hmm... now that the iPod Nano has video, this might be a good replacement for Andy.)

I am dressed and ready to walk this morning. No excuses.

Yes! I walked. Only 2 miles but I am happy with that. Nice to see my pace was still about the same as last spring. I used RunKeeper which is an app for the iPhone. Very cool as it maps your walk/run as well as showing your current pace and other stats. Much better than going home to Map My Walk to map my route to calculate mileage and speed. Map My Walk does have an iPhone app but the reviews were not so good. One review suggested RunKeeper so I checked it out. It does eat up the battery but I did just read you can dim the screen while it is running. (You can't do that with iMapMyRun.)


Today is 09.09.09. There is Worldwide Moment to keep track of those dates which occur every hundred years with photos. I was walking at 9:09 so I shot a Crape Myrtle bloom with my iPhone. The iPhone camera is OK. It will NOT replace my dSLR but it's nice to have in a pinch. On my way back I noticed what I thought to be broken glass on the sidewalk. Then I stopped and looked again. It was dew so I took a shot. This one only needed a little sharpening.

Today is the day I go back to using Lose It! Lose It! Is another app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I've blogged about it before (but I can't find the post). I have used iExercise but I might stop as it seems redundant.

Amazing how few calories one consumes when one gives up many of the carbs. For lunch I had salmon and tomatoes with kiwi for dessert. That is only 227 calories including the olive oil. So I can justify the non-fat chai tea latté.

I tried to be a good and stay home. I really did. But once I got the card done, I kept thinking Starbucks. But I can quit anytime.

Do you love chairs? Not just to sit in. But to look at. Here is a great collection of chairs at Chair Whore.