[summer break in 80 days] day 66

7:33 Well crud! I was doing some blog stuff and noticed the date, 8/8/09. 8/8... oh it's Katie's & John's anniversary! I didn't make them a card, crap! Why wasn't I notified? On my desktop, the date is correct. On my iPod the date is wrong. UGH! When will Apple learn how to sync correctly?!

9:44 Hot & moist.
I decided I had too many bites to go back to the south bed so I worked on the east bed. Since I cleared up the jasmine the sun has been able to get to the grown and weeds have popped up. I weeded and raked half the bed today. At one point I sat to rest and watched all the lizards darting around looking for food. This would be a good place to set up the camera and watch.

I saw one lizard that flesh colored and his tail was a bit stubby. Was it an albino? I have never seen one like that before. It kind of creeped me out.

Andy has taken a disliking towards shirt tags. Gap and Lands' End have moved towards printed info on the inside of the shirt but there are a few left with tags. Today's shirt is from Target, a halloween shirt I bought last year. It didn't bother him last fall. But reading about adolescents and autism, some sensory issues can increase because of all the hormones.

10:58 I put on another shirt from LL Bean. This one is form fitting and fuschia. I don't know if I will ever be ready to wear something form fitting outside of the house.

2:06 On Thursday, I saw a billboard stating that it was peek honeydew season and Publix had them. So I got 2 melons later than day. I finally sliced one up and they were correct, a delicious melon. I had to use two bowls to store it in. I grabbed the less full one to eat a few bites while reading some more Understanding Close-up Photography: Creative Close Encounters with or without a Macro Lens. I wasn't paying attention and ate the whole thing, about 4 cups full.

p_480_320_969EDC9F-D462-4738-B982-9E3E0A4A702F.jpeg6:24 One benefit to the headphones is that Ryan doesn't hear much of the storm that is coming through right now. He is under a quilt to hide him from the lightning. Oh that boom was louder but he is still on the couch and not on my lap.