[summer break in 80 days] day 65

080709 ryan

8:07 I got the old iPod fired up for Ryan. He is happy to walk around with it in his pocket. I only worry that the headphones he is using will make his ears stick out.

I started to go through the pictures from yesterday. Most of the ones from Ikea are crap. I never used to look at my photos at 1:1 and it's rather pathetic what that P&S does indoors.

9:42 Done with gardening. I know I should probably say weeding since that's all I seem to be doing. But that would make me more depressed to admit to that. Three bags full and at least 2 ant bites. On my arm this time. There may be more behind my knees and thighs or it could have been grass rubbing and making me itch. (There are 6 behind my knees!)

The south bed is going to take me the rest of the break. Maybe longer. There is so much and I am limiting myself to 5-6 bags between trash pick ups. I found another elm tree in there. This one is about 7 feet tall. I don't know where it is growing from until I can clear more out. I am afraid it night too close to the back fence and it will have to come out.

Andy has recorded all these sound bites of his favorite YouTube users saying Macy's. It's quite good considering he is doing it old school, recording from his computer to the digital recorder and just hitting the buttons at the right time.

6:28 Ryan has listened to the iPod all day excrpt for the hour to charge at lunch time. Then Andy wanted to listen to mine but he doesn't like the controls.