[summer break in 80 days] day 64

080609 blog-2

9:12 Andy is out riding his bike. Ryan is putting away his clothes. I just finished my grocery list.

080609 blog

9:39 At the playground. Andy is wearing his rash guard shirt. He likes the feel of it and the color. Ryan chose not to wear his. He says he will wear it on Monday. He likes to make up rules.

It feels cooler today. Just a bit and there is a breeze.

The boys are swinging now. Should I even try to get some shots? Oh well, by the time I typed this and looked up, they had stopped and moved on to something else.

I downloaded Instapaper for my iPod. I can read web articles when I am not online. Cool! But I sometimes use Instapaper as a bookmark when I am on my laptop because I don't have Evernote on there. (I need to upgrade to Leopard for Evernote.). The free version of Instapaper only allows for 10 articles at a time. The Pro version allows for 250 articles. The Pro version is only $4.99.

11:03 Our water aerobics leader was not here again. Renee led the group but she forgot some exercises. It was a small group and less than enthusiastic.

Renee's grandsons, Jacob and Sean, were here too. They don't understand personal space and get way too close to my boys.

The new rafts are a hit with the boys.

080609 blog-3

12:01 Wendy's is slow. Hopefully I wasn't overcharged.

Ryan wants my iPod in the car. What? i think he wants to listen to Geogre Carlin. (bad mommy!)

3:09 Home.

Ikea was fun and I spent NO money. Lots of ideas and lots of photos (I just took my point & shoot). Ryan was happy to walk aound following the map and finding short cuts. Andy just wanted to ride the escalator and elevators. But they make it more of a one way thing. Once you are done, you have to leave the store. But if you have a map, you can back track and find a short cut back to the beginning.

I think I would like to get the boys loft beds and then put their desks underneath. They would each have their own room and Poppa could have the big room.

6:17 The thrill is gone. Yep, before I even consider a second visit to Ikea, I have a new love. Actually, it's not a new love. I have been in love for over 20 years. But except for a couple of years in the early 90s, ours has been a long distance relationship. That is until I looked and saw that Crate & Barrel has opened in Tampa! Luckily, it's not too close but still close enough to go visit all those cool kitchen gadgets in person!

I read recently where some one called Ikea, "The Swedish Walmart." is it not so? Cheap prices in a big blue box. Furniture that is not meant to last a lifetime, sometimes called apartment furniture. Then I equate Crate & Barrel with Target. Well, no, the quality is better than that. But there are a lot of pieces that you assemble. But they are sturdier than the things you can buy at Ikea. I'd put Crate & Barrel between Ikea and Poverty Barn. And it's been so long since I have been in one that I can't wait! I love the look of the stores. Full of eye candy but not overwhelming.

I looked into Andy's iPod. The headphone jack will probably have to be replaced. If I felt capable, I could try it myself for about $30-$40. Or I can use iResQ who will fix it in a day and charge $89 which includes shipping. I think this is a decent price since a new iPod Classic will cost $249, a new iPod Nano is $149. Still, it will have to wait a few more days, or weeks.

KI Memories sent me some sample product from their new line. Unfortunately, it's Toy Box, not one of the lines I partitulatly like. I would have been much happier with Flourish. But I sure I can find some cards I need to make with free product.