[summer break in 80 days] day 63

080409 blog-9

9:42 Losing the motivation to garden. Could be I am tired, it's hot or that I have reached the south bed and it is really scary.

Andy comes out after I am done and waits for me to go in the house. He also checks on me when I am gardening. He likes to know where everyone is. Does he think I might wander away?

080409 blog-6

Ryan said he wants to go to Ikea tomorrow. I am not going to buy anything! I am not going to buy anything! I am not going to buy anything! I am not going to buy any... unless the boys want something. I'll go back another time without them.

080409 blog-10

11:24 I don't like these shirts from LL Bean. The fit is quite a bit smaller than the ones I have from Lands' End. The fit too closely for comfort. A few more pounds and I can wear them out of the house.

080409 blog-8

A storm is coming. Ryan was on my lap. Andy asked to play the piano. Ryan left to watch. Does Andy play loud enough to drown out the thunder? Oh he's back.

080409 blog-7

6:45 The storms this morning left little rain for us. It was moslty noise.

I "wasted" most of the afternoon talking to Bonnie. I did order Andy some shoes for school. His feet are now bigger than mine.

080409 blog-5

Ant bites. Current count 4. One is on my neck.