[summer break in 80 days] day 60


8:40 Andy is sad. Andy can't find his recorder. Andy misplaced it sometime last night between 8:20 and 8:50 pm in one of 3 rooms. Unfortunately, those 3 rooms are the boys domain. In other words, it's scary over there and I try to limit my visits.

9:20 It's moist outside. I am sitting out here while Andy does his quick bike ride up to County Line then back and around Allegro. I highlighted the areas on a map and it's in his map pocket on his bike bag. Ryan didn't want to go out this morning.

My dad will be coming down earlier this year. I think he is tired of living alone especially when he can't do a lot to keep himself busy. The one thing that really bugs me when he is down is the computer. He puts his on the kitchen table where it sits all week. His bills and papers collect until there is barely any room to eat. I am guilty of this as well. This isn't what really bugs me. It's having the curtains closed all day so he can see the computer. I need the light.

I can think of 2 solutions. One is to get new shades that block a lot of light and glare but still leave some view. These aren't cheap and I think the last time I priced them out they were about $1000. (oh Andy is back! Time to go into the a/c... ah.) Or I could get a portable computer cart. One he could use anywhere, maybe even using the easy chair. These range from cheap to pricey but still about half the cost of new shades. But would he be offended by the cart and think I don't want him?

10:25 Recorder has been found. I had Andy pick up books in the playroom which he did, but... The stacks were haphazardly set on shelves and the desk and any other surface other than the floor. There is still lots of stuff on the floor but no recorder. I went into Andy's bedroom and picked up 2 things and found the recorder. Since I found it, I get to keep it for an hour. Andy doesn't understand this is a punishment. He is only happy that it is found and he can get it back in an hour.

6:43 Day is almost over.

Andy asked to play the piano. First time in weeks. He talked to poppa which sparked the interest. He is recording bits on his recorder.

I did make another card with more stitching. Each card gets less stitching until I finally learn and quit for a few months.

Incredible afternoon nap. So hard to wake up. It's this evil chair.