It seems I spend a lot of time waiting these days. Waiting for busses to pick up the boys and waiting for busses to drop of the boys.

Andy's bus was very late today. We were sitting outside on the bench. I was reading blogs and Andy was sitting, getting up and walking around and sitting down again. I didn't even realize it was late until 8:03 and the scheduled pick up time is 7:47. At that point, I could have driven him to school and probably made it back in time for Ryan's bus. But Andy didn't want that, he wanted his bus.

At 8:15 I called the bus depot to find that it had broken down and was running very late. At that point, I emailed Andy's teacher to let her know. Andy was trying not to cry. He was upset but trying to control himself. A few minutes later we heard the bus.

The bus arrived and the tears came. Tears of relief and tears of things not being right. There was a different bus driver too. The aide tried to soothe Andy. I hope he will be OK.

Now I am sitting outside waiting for Ryan's bus. At this point, it's 7 minutes late.

[edited to add: Ryan's bus did not show up as of 9:00 so I drove him to school. I am waiting in the drop-off lane until 9:25 when I can set him free. Tea latté? Why yes please!]