back on the right path


During summer break, I found myself frustrated with my weight loss goals. There wasn't enough progress. I couldn't walk and the gardening wasn't eating up enough calories. Counting calories became tedious. I decided to give myself a break. I was mindful of what I ate and what I did for exercise but I didn't keep track except for weighing myself. I did lose a few pounds.

Now it's back to routine and back on the right path. I wasn't so good yesterday as far as exercise is concerned and I won't be so good today. (Driving the boys to school eats up about 2 hours and it is still hot.) But...

My blogger friend Robynn is have a 30-day Throw Down! of NO fast food. Not just fast food restaurants by no convenience foods either. Make it from scratch! She is giving away a $100 amazon gift certificate so check out Robynn's Raving, join and get a bit healthier.

During the summer, I was in the habit of eating popcorn in the afternoon every other day. Monday and Tuesday I was too busy and didn't think up it until 5 pm. By then it was too close to dinner. But then a couple of hours after dinner, I think I am hungry. In the past I would have eaten popcorn, or ice cream. But I know it's best not to eat so close to bed time. Though if you have to eat something, pick a protein as it will not spike your sugar levels and will digest slowly. So what to choose? Some of Ryan's chocolate milk.