first day of school


I have always loved the first day of school. I loved being in school at least through 8th grade. High school was another matter. I loved the structure and rules of school, the clear expectations. School sports was even better with plays and specific ways to interact with your teammates.


I think that is why my boys love school too. They know what to do and how to act. They know what is expected of them. They know will/should happen for a large portion of their day.

I have never been one of those moms to cry when my kids started school. I thought I would be especially when they started at such young ages, Andy was 4 and Ryan was 3. Perhaps I was being brave so they would be brave. No, it was because so much was going on at home and I knew they needed the help and I needed the break.

Seeing that bus drive away with my kids lets me relax for a few hours knowing some one else is reponsible for them and looking out for them. And I have been so fortunate that they have been treated kindly and never in danger.


So today starts another year. And I am starting to worry how they will interact with their peers. Will they make friends? Will Ryan want to hold hands with a girl? No, I don't worry about the grades. Ryan does very well and Andy, well, he just doesn't care. He is smart but doing well just isn't his thing. He would rather make music and I appreciate that. Heck, if I had his talent, I would be playing the tunes every day.


So today I gain some freedom for a few hours. Time to shop without worrying if someone has wandered off. Time to walk and get some exercise. Time to be quiet, whole house quiet, if I wish.



Dropped Andy off. He ran into the office instead to his classroom. I told the principal who was standing there.



Then Ryan and I went to Starbucks where the wifi would not connect. Ugh.

Dropping Ryan off without a problem.

Errands: Office Depot for padded envelopes; Publix for fruit where I weighed 9 peaches just under 2 pounds = $5; and Target for the grocery items I can get cheaper there.

11:37 Home again.

Groceries are put away (mostly), laundry is going and I (sort of) cleaned out the car. If I never see another french fry, it will be too soon. I think I will take it for a car wash tomorrow.

Caffeine shakes...

2:51 At the bustop. I have no idea what time to expect Andy's bus. Could be anytime between now and 3:30 is my best guess. Hmm... I just saw Ryan's bus go by but it must be on another run since Ryan's school doesn't get out until 3:35. I am not even sure if the bus will stop here or on Eagle Station. It is safe on ES but...

I edited some photos and listened to Auntie Vera. I have 239 podcasts to catch up on. The photos of Andy did not come out well but The ones I shot of Ryan using the flash did. Go figure.

2:56. It's hot!

3:31 Still no bus and I am really sweating now. Another bus came but I think it was for the local school. But why do some kids walk home?

3:39 Still here. No bus. No one is answering the phone at bus depot but I just saw the bus go by. Where they go next, I have no idea. This really sucks for impatient people like me. I can imagine Andy might be upset if he saw me as they went past.

3:48 Still here, no bus. I have tea but the cup is leaking down my shirt.



4:00 Home. The bus showed up at 3:51 and we walked home.


4:25 Round 2. Waiting at home for Ryan's bus. Sitting outside because the lawn workers are making so much noise and I wouldn't be able to hear the bus coming. This is late and Ryan probably will not be happy.

I am also going through the papers sent home with Andy. I am going to try to stay on top of things this year. Wonder how long I will last?

4:54 Ryan is home. He is hanging out in my bedroom. Andy went to ride his bike.

5:13 Finally cooling off a bit. I'd been outside for almost 2 1/2 hours. That's just wrong in Florida in August.

9:07 This day has flown by. I feel like I didn't get much chance ti sit and relax, ie waste time, but that's good. Tomorrow shouldn't be as busy but I will try to fill the day with productivity.