peaches & herb


Last week I went to the grocery store. I wondered what fruit was peaking. I'd had honeydew for 2 weeks straight and was ready for something else. The first thing I see are peaches. Seems early but then I recall that Michigan peaches are ripe in September. Nine years in Florida and I still think I am up north.

OK back to the peaches. They looked good and smelled good. They were firm but not hard. I got 6, one for each day. Yeah, I know, that was nearly enough as they are all gone 3 days later.

They recommend eating 5 servings of fruit & vegetables each day each day. Dr Weil recommends 4-5 servings of vegetables and 3-4 servings of fruit each day. I am somewhere in between.

Growing up, we were more like 3-5 servings of fresh fruit or vegetables a week. With 5 kids, 3 of them boys, fruit was not cheap and it was easier and quicker to have canned fruit & vegetables. Fruit was mainly apples, bananas and grapes. Peaches, cherries and melons were seasonal and expensive and considered a treat.

I like apples but I have a hard time eating them everyday. I was eating bananas everyday but then they weren't tasting as good and were getting brown too quickly. So I have switched to the seasonal produce, at least for fruit. It sure does taste better that way. But I need to be honest with myself and know than one peach a day is not enough.

I need to research some farmer's markets around here. Our season usually starts in October and runs through May.