[summer break in 80 days] day 79


6:25 Making bagels.

Another crap night of sleep. Is it the tree frogs waking me up with their near constant croaks?


11:10 Barnes & Noble.

I edited photos but my eyes were so heavy... I sat in that chair then it was 9:40 and time to get ready for our Wiregrass Walk.

Ryan is a grump. I am trying to keep calm. I have a tea latté to hopefully help... It started at the beginning of our walk. We parked on the parking garage and the first elevator we tried was not working. The other two did work but it was too late for Ryan. He grumbled and moped and my headache got worse. We went to Dillards and he grudgingly went up the escalator but would not use the elevator. He complained about everything and would not go into any stores. I wanted him to try on some shoes and I thought he was going to actually do it but he wouldn't help so we left. Poor Andy. He was being so good.

Ahh... the tea is good. The cashier was not sure they could make this but the barista did and he did a fine job and even offered the vanilla syrup. And it was $1.50 less than Starbucks!

Ryan has a new atlas and is better, mostly. But he still won't use the elevators.


Don't ask your son to sit with your purse while you got look at magazines.

The free wifi at Barnes & Noble keeps dropping me. But the tea is helping a lot.

12:05 Wendy's

We left B&N and the grump returned. By the time we got to the car, I'd had enough. I told Ryan he had ruined our walk with his attitude. That he can't control the elevator and not to let it bother him. D'oh! I had let his attitude affect me. Is that the same thing? Sort of. Where I can walk away from a broken elevator, I cannot walk away from my son who won't stop grumbling and wanted to world to go away. Even though I really want to.


Bumper sticker: Autism: Be Aware. Be Understanding.

12:18 Chick Fil A.

The drive thru is long and people are inconsiderate of others and blocking the path for other drivers. This, Ryan's attitude, car woes, and PMS make me...

Car woes? As we were driving home Wednesday, Service Traction System light came on. Annoying but not critical and I don't need it. Then yesterday on the way home, the cruise control wouldn't work. It wouldn't work earlier today when I tried but did this afternoon. Weird. I use my cruise all the time. One less thing I have to concentrate on.


12:50 Home.

Ryan seems better. Perhaps he was just tired of going out everyday.



I finally got through yesterday's photos. Not too many good ones. Today's weren't much better. Is it me?

I installed a plugin from Timothy Armes that lets you export photos directly to your blog. It's a little odd but I'll get used to it and it'll save me time in the long run.

PMS is in full force. I would love to each the last 9 chocolate crackle cookies. Ugh.

I need to read this weekend and figure out the health care debate. I know for sure we need reform. Other than that...