[summer break in 80 days] day 78


6:33 Trouble sleeping last night. And a busy day today. Hmm...

I noticed a calm come over Ryan yesterday while we were walking through school. He said "This is good."

9:34 At the playground.

Bother! My camera was not working, focusing, and I didn't realize it. It wasn't set wrong but it wasn't focusing or even trying. I took off the lens and put it back on and it's fine. Meanwhile, I missed some good shots of Ryan on the monkey rings.


10:45 The pool was closed so we went to MP III. They have such a nicer atmosphere, friendlier. They use chlorine in the pool instead of salt. It bothers my eyes. Andy did miss aerobics but he got over it.

During the drive here, I realized that we never got Andy a school ID. We will have to take care of that on Monday. I will have to call or find out at the open house. oops (I found out that we didn't miss it. They do the photo IDs the same time as class pictures.)


Ryan wouldn't use the outside bathrooms. Huh? Oh... they stink! Gross!


There is a character at this pool. Gregarious and a bit loud. He is from New Jersey. Does that explain it? It that a stereotype? He fits it though he doesn't have the accent his friends have.

11:22 At Wendy's. It's slow today.

1:29 Home.

When we get home, the boys help with the groceries and then Ryan heads into my bedroom and shuts the door. Decompression? Andy bounces around like a puppy unleashed.


6:30 At the middle school waiting for the open house to start. Andy is excited.

Ryan didn't want to come because it was going to storm. But we managed to skirt the storm and it rained while we were in the gym.


8:10 Home.

I had never been to an open house. Ever. And I wasn't sure what to expect. I was thinking it would be like a regular open house where people come and go throughout. But this was structured. For 20 minutes, we sat in the gym and tried to listen to what was being said. Then we were told to follow the class schedule and report to those classrooms. Andy's first class is homeroom with Ms Jessica. Then Andy, S and G go to art. This is a 9 week course then they move on to something else. When we met in the spring, I told Ms Jessica about Andy's preference for music and she said she would put him in that but... Next we went to the gym where we tried to listen to one of the coaches give his spiel. Our kids will be separated, working on special olympic events. They will not need to change in the locker room. Whew! Our last stop was back to Ms Jessica's. G's mom kept asking questions so we had to wait to see about Andy's bus situation. We did hear back from transportation who said we will need a change in his IEP for curb to curb. Ms Jessica took care of that and will fax it tomorrow. (more on this tomorrow)

We left and when we got to the car noticed that Andy's umbrella was missing. (He dropped it in the class so it is not lost.)

I didn't get to the photos to post POTD. Oh well.