[summer break in 80 days] day 77


6:50 Up early again and Ryan questioning me but Andy happily digging into the bagels as soon as they are ready. My back is sore from standing in queue for almost an hour yesterday.

081909 blog
(I saw these vultures as we were driving past the school which is close to our house but the boys don't go there. I grabbed my camera and starting shooting. There was another pole with more vultures. There was road kill in between the lanes to the vultures had to be patient. When we came back, the road kill was moved over to the median and almost gone.)

11:06. Ryan's meet the teacher day went much faster. There was some confusion about whether the bus was picking him up at home or at the regular stop. Supposedly they will be combining regular and ESE kids. They have to have bands on their back packs for 3 weeks to make sure they are getting on the right bus and off at the right stop.

081909 blog-2

Ryan is in another Pod this year, the Panthers. The idea was that kids stayed in the same pod for 3 years but this hasn't happened with Ryan.

081909 blog-3

I stopped at Starbucks on the way home. Glad I was at home when I discovered that they forgot the sugar. sigh

081909 blog-4

2:08 I was sitting here after lunch think it was nice I didn't have anything that needed to be done right now. So I dozed off. I just woke up with the phone and realized I need to make a birthday card and cookies before tomorrow. Oops!

081909 blog-5

3:22 Another oops! I am making the card and I realize I didn't pull out the butter. I go and do that but don't want to wait for the hour or so for it to soften. Google! I decide to grate it and the first 1/3 is fine but then it gets too soft and slippery. It is not like grating cheese. I need shortening but I don't use that. You can substitute melted and cooled butter. I melted the butter and put it in the fridge. It didn't cool completely by the time I needed it. Hmm... I know Martha calls these Giant Chocolate Sugar Cookies and she means business. A batch will yield 8 cookies! I don't plan on making then the size of CDs so I will get more. But with using my large scoop, you can only get a few on each cookie sheet. (I got 30 decent sized cookies.)

081909 blog-6

3:49 I may have overbaked the first batch. The original recipe calls for 18-20 minutes in the oven. Since I went smaller, I tried 14 minutes. The second batch I baked for 13 minutes before I could taste a cookie. They are good but crunchy. I reduced the third batch to 12 minutes. Oh these are good! Wish I had some vanilla ice cream.

Yep, 12 minutes is better.

4:55 My back really hates vacuuming.