[summer break in 80 days] day 59


10:22 Oops! I slept through gardening. Well, sleet might be too generous. It was more like dozing in between Ryan playing the harmonica and dropping wood blocks on the table. Then the phone rang and I finally came out of the haze, the boys left the room and it's quiet. Sigh.

1:39 I froze the chocolate chip cookies. One dozen fit in a quart bag so I filled two bags. That left 8 sitting there tempting me. I have eaten 3 of them. The crispy edges are gone.

I made a sympathy card for my aunt. My uncle died last Sunday. Sympathy cards are hard. There isn't much out there except maybe a few stamps. And what embellishments do you use? I chose to sew a flower which probably took an hour to do and looks like I only spent 5 minutes on. Yeah, my mom is laughing in her grave at the thought of me sewing.

I have a headache now. From the sewing? Or is another front coming through?

4:37 Weird. Ibuprofen didn't didn't stop the headache but making another card did. And I even did more sewing. Oy!


The first box of donuts is gone. And only two cookies remain. We have no will power in this house.