[summer break in 80 days] day 74

9:17 I thought it would nice to sit out front and catch up on twitter. I hadn't expected a steam bath. Actually there is the occassional breeze. But it is moist otherwise. The skies to the west are dark gray and there are some good storms out in the gulf. (Little did I know that there was a tropical storm out there!)

I have 2 very basic compost barrels. Well, actually they are more like recycled plastic hoops with vent holes. I got them when I first started composting. I used the for just plant material until I had more room in the composter. I think I might set them up again in the back. It seems better than throwing it away in the trash.

10:20 Ten more layouts done. Only 10 to go. That will be huge weight of guilt lifted off of me when they are done and sent.

Hank was too busy to talk this morning. It sounded crowded. I was not sad to be missing it.

081709 rind

11:03 I'd really never used my melon baller until the other day. I don't care about fancy shapes and thought it was easier and quicker to slice and dice. But it's messy and sticky especially when the melon is so juicy. So I tried it and found that it is just as easy and quick without a lot of mess. The only thing I don't like is the other side of the doible baller biting into my hand. Anyway, when I got done with a half, I saw what a cool pattern it made in the rind. I knew I wantes to photograph it. I put half in the fridge for later. That was 2 days ago.

This morning I was cutting up another melon, they were 2 for $5, and decided I would shoot after I was done with the melon. Must shoot everyday! I decided to see which rind had the best patterns. I took the older one out of the fridge and found that it had dried out a bit amd shrunk. Oops. Good thing I had another melon.

I did take some photos and I'll edit them later. I need to reshoot the numbers clock as I didn't like what I got from yesterday.

11:42 All done! And a good thing too as my back is starting to protest. I will sort and package them later.

01:46 Crap! I went to sort all the layouts and realize I only have 5 for Fall 2006 and Spring 2007. What happened? Did I do the layouts and mail them or lose them? Did I think I had done them? Either way, it means I have to put together some layouts for that time period. It also means going back to the photos done with my point & shoot. Yikes! (This was not fun. A lot of shots I thought were good are crap when looked at 1:1. Hopefully they will look OK when made smaller and put into a mosaic.)

081609 blog

3:32 Mud. I looked outside and saw Ryan playing in the mud. Because I cleaned up the weeds, he had a perfect spot to muck around. I grabbed my camera and took some shots from inside. I thought he would quit if he saw me but he didn't. I went outside and it's a good thing I did because my camera settings were all wonky again. It was a bit tricky just using my 50mm but I made it work.

081609 blog-3

At one point, the little creep jumped and it splashed on me. I was on the other side of the short fence but I still got hit. And I was wearing my light tan shorts. Of course I was. I tried not to get too mad but then Ryan had the nerve to laugh. Still, I did keep my control.

081609 blog-4

I wanted to write "wash me" on his legs and use that for my photo of the day. He wouldn't let me. I tried to get him to write letters on the fence with mude but he couldn't make it work. Oh well, I got a lot of shots and I'm sure there is something I can use for this month's contest. Last month was numbers and I although I didn't win, I was one of the top 10 finalists.

081609 blog-2

I loved watching him play. As much as he liked the feeling of mud between his toes, he doesn't like to get dirty. H e was careful not to get his clothes muddy. And he had to really think about getting his hands in the mud.

I used these photos for Mosaic Monday.

So... take a nap or shoot some pics for potd?

9:03 I did start to edit then it was time for dinner so all I got done was the rating, weeding, renaming and keywording. Nothing has been processed. I had intended on going back after dinner but then I had my 2 chocolate crackles after the meal and I was in heaven and my short term memory just vanished until I saw the Mosaic Monday post in google reader. How was that for a run on and on, on and on sentence? Oh and after I cheated on using and old and processed photo for potd, two peas has been down so I couldn't post. Is this my penance? I thought the stained shorts were enough?