[summer break in 80 days] day 70

081309 crinkles

7:50 This is third day in a row Andy has lost his recorder. He will say, "I have to look for it." Which really means "Go find my recorder because I don't know how to look." And it drives me batty.

9:34 Short gardening session today. One bag only half full but very heavy. Getting the weeds and racking brings a lot of dirt. I am too lazy to separate so it all goes. Ryan and Andy came out and played for about 5 minutes. Yep, it's too hot.

11:18 Andy's sneakers came today. There isn't much room and I got a half size larger than what I thought he needed. Good thing they were on sale. I might get the next size or 2 now since the slip-on sneakers are hard to find in the winter.

3:42 Chocolate Crinkles are my favorite cookie. They are messy & gooey and take while. But they are SO worth it. I used to use a recipe similar to this one by Betty Crocker. Did you know that the original non-pc name was Widow Faces? Martha calls hers Chocolate Crackles and they are the better version. This is one recipe where I actually get less cookies than Martha calls for. I prefer to use the cookie scoop. (I just realized while Martha calls hers crackles, because they are like crack! So addictive!)

Someone came to our door while I waa getting the cookies out. Andy opened the door and it was a solicitor. WTH?! There is no soliciting in this development and there are signs posted. But no one cares. She goes on to tell me who she met with like that would change my mind. No! Please leave! I try to be polite. They keep talking as I say no and shake me head and start to close the door. I am amazed that they don't stick their foot in the door!

4:53 I deserved that last cookie. I just spent the better part of an hour helping (?) Andy clean his room. He did some but needs to be prodded along. I let him use the grabber but he was taking so long that you would have thoight he was playing the arcade game for a prize. I still have to dust and vacuum. The recorder is not in there.

I like looking out at the back yard these days. The beds I can see are clear and it gives me a peaceful feeling. I am proud that I did it myself and didn't soend the money to have someone else do it.

8:24 I actually started to pick up the playroom in hopes of finding the recorder. It wouldn't have bothered me for it to be lost for a while but since we are going out tomorrow, Andy will need something to listen to. And since his iPod headphone jack is broken, that leaves his recorder. Andy was going to set the timer for an hour since I found it but I said it was too late. I cannot give him the recorder at 9:20 when he should be in bed. He can wait until tomorrow. He thought about it and was OK with it, "Then I should just go play."

Though I do love my chocolate chip cookies, they just don't taste as good knowing there are chocolate crinkles in the house. This has to be my best batch yet. I used Dutch process cocoa which left them flat like I recall. Crispy on the outside and soft and gooey inside.