[summer break in 80 days] day 69

081109 blog-3

8:21 Day 69... you know what that means? We are heading into the home stretch! Yay! Next week I will set my alarm to 6:00 and bounce out of bed and get dressed for the day. No more dragging myself into the dark kitchen to grab some tea and then wake up by the light of the computer. I will have to get breakfast ready at 6:30 so Andy has enough time to eat before the bus comes. After the bus picks him up at 7:30, I will have some time to relax until 8:30 when Ryan's bus will come. It will be odd and confusing have to separate schedules. We haven't had to deal with that since 2002.

The photo I posted of Ryan may be a bit over processed. But I love his freckles. Maybe I will try it again and no over boost.

The dishes came out clean! And one of the plates had dried egg! I ran Finish through today and the dishwasher sounded so much better. The racks slide easier and it is less yellow. The bottle was tossed out of the silverware crate so not all of the liquid got out. I just tipped it over and am running a light cycle again. (I prefer Dishwasher Magic, it doesn't smell like Finish does.)

My left ring finger still hurts. It only hurts when I grip something or close my hand. An excuse not to garden?

081109 blog-4

9:48 I did weed. I only felt a twinge of pain once so it's good that I didn't allow my flimsy excuse to take hold. The east bed is as clean as it is going to get. The ants were in full force today. I killed 2 I saw crawling on my gloves. One did manage to get me on the inside of my elbow. And just as the other bites were finally settling down. sigh

I sprayed more round up on the south bed and on the north bed. Andy walked right through in his bare feet. ugh! I told him to wash then so he walked in the back door, through the house, out the front door to where the watering can is sitting. big sigh

081109 blog-5

3:01 Orders are pulled. I could be more productive, but...

6:33 I didn't get around to making cookies. I lost my momentum right around 3:01. I did get my blogs updated to wordpress 2.8.3. Of course I forgot about the old google analytics plugin and once I reactivated got a fatal error. At least I knew how to fix it quickly. I switched the front page to a simpler theme with just 2 columns. I am thinking about switching this and the photo of the day as well. I just need to decide how/where to put the links. I do not like it when the links colums goes on forever and is longer than the posts. I sometimes wish I knew code and could design my own.