[summer break in 80 days] day 68

081009 blog-2

9:00 Andy turned down the volume on the radio so Ryan woke up late. Not a good way to start the day. I had to fight Ryan all night from rolling into me, I am tired and dragging.

I ran Dishwaher Magic. I hope this works and I can put off buying a new dishwasher for a while. (While the insides are not white, too much rust, the trays slide effortlessly once again and it does sound better.)

9:55 At the park. Ryan is driving me nuts today. We had words. He refused to brush his teeth because he woke up late. And he won't wear his rash guard shirt because Andy has one. He think it makes them look like twins. I'd had enough and made him brush his teeth and cry. Sometimes I just have to prove to myself I am in charge. In control... not so much.

There is a too tan woman at the pool. She got in the water with a magazine?! What does she think she is in her bathtub? At one point, she was doing some weird moves like she was having siezures. I think she might have been doing some kind of exercise but it looked goofy. When she got out, I managed to look just as she was bending over. Ack! Lady! Put those buns of flab away! She is neither small nor young.

11:06 Done with swimming. Andy is drying off. Ryan is whining about Andy looking at him and which direction Andy is sitting. Ryan was fine when Andy was swimming and I took countless photos of him playing Trains.

11:45 In the car. Altoids Cinnamon are hot! And these are just the smalls. I cannot imagine eating a regular sized one. (Yes, I blog & tweet at red lights. At RED lights.)

081009 blog

2:16 We pulled into Target and Ryan said he wanted to go to Lettuce Lake Park. Huh?! We don't go to the park on Monday. I though about it for a second and saw that it was 95 and I only had on sandals. I was not prepared for the park. I said we could go Thursday but that's not good enough. Luckily the pout only lasted until we got in the store.

I saw a Blue's Clues - Blue's Biggest Stories and showed Andy. He got excited and started singing "Steve is going to college..." So I let Ryan pick out a DVD and he chose You're A Good Sport, Charlie Brown.

3:48 Good grief another wedding invitation! Can't these people spread them out through the year? No, we aren't going but gifts cost money.