[summer break in 80 days] day 67


9:39 Being a homeowner sucks. I hate the repair and maintenance. I need a new dishwasher. For months I have listened to it slowly dying. Not that you could really tell but the sounds just haven't been the same. But the dishes were getting clean so I ignored it. The dishes are no longer getting clean.

I went to Consumer Reports (thanks Stephanie!) and checked on appliance repair. Basically anything over 8 years old (except higher end models) should be replaced. This dishwasher is 9 1/2 years old. CR has 3 models they reccommend. One is a Bosch and I have heard good things about them. I looked online at Famous Tate and Sonny's. Both are local chains and they both use the same appliance web site. They have contact forms where someone will contact you. Cool. I just wish I didn't have to spend the $600+. I still haven't had the dryer repaired.


5:53 I can't seem to teach the boys how to looks for things like a lost recorder. Even with their great memories, the don't understand how to think back to last place they had something. They draw a blank. So maybe the solution is to teach then to keep their rooms clean then a dropped object can be easily seen. Or perhaps they won't even just drop something when they are done with it but out it away. OK I am obviously delirious. I shouldn't have skipped my nap.

9:14 I decided at 7:30 to start my mosaic. I cropped all my photos and adjusted the white balance in Lightroom then moved them over to Photoshop. None of the changes came over. I think it is because they were jpegs to begin with. Oh well, I made it work.

My left ring finger is really achy today. I have no idea why. It hurts at the joint where it meets the hand. Arthritis?


9:28 When I saying goodnight to Ryan he said, "Your shirt is different." it has stripes whereas everything else is solid. I was putting away a couple of the new shirts that are still a bit snug and found a few older shirts that used to be very snug. I pulled them out and the fit again!