[summer break in 80 days] day 35

070809 sago

Got the breakfast area cleaned. Filled up a large trash bag and gave away a stack of handwriting books and a stack of scrapbooking magazines. There are places that could use some more weeding but not this week.

10:39 Washing sheets.

6:30 Guess I was busy doing instead of blogging. Made almond poppyseed muffins. Made nutella brownies too. A bit of a disappointment. OK but not great. Sliced my thumb while cutting up the watermelon. Can't use my DS and can't type with both thumbs on the iPod. Bother.

More computer woes this afternoon. Time Machine kept erroring out. I used Disk Warrior to rebuild the directory and it finally backed up OK. Lightroom also had a corrupted catalog and it could not be repaired. So I lost the work I did in the past 24 hours. Good thing for back ups. I just wish there was a way to back up Lightroom before I shut it down like other apps.