[summer break in 80 days] day 33

070609 blog

I tackled the magazines I have piles to give away and piles to keep. The give away piles are bigger than keep.

Rain clouds threatened but the winds move them away without a drop. Rain in the afternoon is preferred so it won't interrupt our swimming. The breeze feels good.

Andy chose to take his tube to the pool. So I blew it up while at the playground. Yeah, I could have used the compressor in the car but I think of these things as a challenge. And I probably like feeling dizzy.

070609 blog-4

10:58 Done swimming. It was great itch relief while I was in there. Now I am itching again. Sigh.

11:58 CFA drive thru and I am hungry! I wonder how long before the boys get sick of Alphabutt?

070609 blog-2

1:18 Home from lunch and Target. I was in the garden center when the rain hit. Hard. The boys made it to the store but I was stuck. Finally I got bored and the rain let up some so I only got wet instead of soaked. Ryan had taken the cart with my purse and rain. Then he left the cart and purse inside the store while he waited for me outside but under the covered part. Yikes! Another lesson given.

I didn't get any pots because of the rain, I only got two varigated aloe. Cool but expensive at $7.99 for a 4" pot. The boys looked at books and toys but didn't ask for anything today. The school supplies are starting to be set up. Ugh.

070609 blog-5

7:53. The itching is so bad! I used to get spider bites years ago at the cottage. I never felt them but the itching would start about 12-24 hours after I got bitten. Like a mosquito bite but more intense. I remember one time there was a line of 10 or more bites on the back of my thigh. I started taking my own sheets to the cottage hoping to control the biting. My mom told me that B12 is supposed to keep them from biting. I am not sure if it worked. I did wonder why no one else was affected.

I just looked up spider bites hoping to find some relief and found that I probably do not have spider bites. I think it's bed bugs. Bed bugs! But I thought only dirty and poor places got them. I am freaked out and changing the sheets.

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