[summer break in 80 days] day 31


I was enjoying a nice morning snooze when the alarm went off to get my butt moving. Gah!

9:57 Just done with the gardening. Found some large crape branches snapped in two from the heavy jasmine vines. I'd say I was about 3 years late in pruning the jasmine. There are no leaves along the fence, it has grown higher into the trees. It's a good thing I gave up the idea of becoming a master gardener or planning gardens for a living as I clearly don't know what I am doing.

Yesterday I saw a garden wagon at Lowe's. It is bigger and better than ours and is only $99. I put ours out on the curb for someone to take. I'll put a sigh on it later if it is still here. (I did put a sign on it in the afternoon, it was gone within an hour.)

2:11 Being lazy & reading.

9:04 The fireworks have started. I am always amazed by how much money people spend on this stuff. I love watching but I get so impatient between the bursts.