[summer break in 80 days] day 30

070309 proud

8:56 time to pull orders. All I want to do is go back to bed.

I tried clearing out the A/C drain but very little water came out. I got the orders pulled so we left early.

11:52 At Lowe's. The boys are in the bathroom.

I am sitting in the patio furniture section waiting for Ryan to get done with his wandering. Andy was following Ryan but got separated.

I only found one plant to get. Seems like every thing was meant for full sun.

We went to Bed Bath & Beyond. I wanted to get the Calphalon loaf pan but they only the large which is 10"x5". I got the Wilton 9"x5" and saved $10.

1:07 At Barnes & Noble. I had a book I wanted to get but they didn't have it. So I checked out the bargain section. I picked up 2 that have been on my list. I would rather have the eBooks but these are cheaper. The boys are wandering, I hope they are being good.

That had to be one of the cheapest trips to B&N, only $22. It helped that Ryan just got one Mad Libs books.

We went to the toy store. Ugh, their a/c was not working. It didn't seem to bother the boys and they scooted around on the turtle and plasma car. We added more items to Ryan's wish list for his birthday. I need to add those items to the amazon list.

We went to the hair salon. Teresa was nice but not very confident. She took too long and it wasn't that good of a cut. She didn't even use the trimmer.

We went to Toys R Us because they had thermoses on sale. There wasn't a large variety but the boys each found one they like. Andy got an exercise mat and Ryan asked for a racing set for his birthday.

3:21 Home. Not much email then I remember that this is the holiday for weekday workers.

7:56 Finally got the sink drained cleared. The sulfuric acid did the trick in 15 minutes. The stuff I used before was lye based and since I think the clog is partially caused by Ryan's toothpaste, a soap, it had no effect. Since I had to use half the bottle, I poured the other half in the working drain to get it cleared of the forming gunk.

There is still a lot of black gunk in the one drain that seems to be working fine. I cannot get the drain plug out to clean it though I think that would lead to a major gag fest. I wish I knew what to use. I have tried bleach, vinegar, baking soda, bio-klean and now sulfuric acid. Nothing dissolves it.