[summer break in 80 days] day 29

070209 cratercakes
(I call them crate cakes.)

9:34 More friggin rain! No swimming today.

11:26 In the car on our way to lunch/chiro/publix.

Chiro did the second neck adjustment and pain went down my shoulder blade. When I stood up he used the tapping thing to make the pain go away. Meanwhile the boys were fighting over the ball. Sigh.

We saw one of Ryan's classmates and her mom at publix. Ryan did not say hi because he doesn't like to see school friends outside of school. So why does he want to go to Long? He confuses me?

1:31 Home again. Groceries are put away, mostly. Email has been read and it's time to relax.

2:48 The boys have built a new track layout. When they build together, the tracks go aound the train table and through the walkways. Andy was trying to recreate Henry's Tunnel. I helped him make it fit. I found one on eBay but it's $50 and it's not a double wide tunnel.

6:02 Finally made a card for my hairdresser's new baby. I really like the way it turned out. We are going tomorrow for haircuts and will drop off the gifts. I wonder how the boys will be will someone else cutting their hair. They have been a trial this week. Must be all the rain.


9:09 Andy's gone to bed. I noticed water in the garage. It means the a/c drain is clogged up again. I need to remember to vacuum out the water before it gets bad. Such a poor design that it clogs up every summer.