[summer break in 80 days] day 55

072809 blog

9:34 Only a short gardening session today. I weeded the front beds. All that stooping and bending has left me more dizzy than usual. The aphids have taken over the crape myrtles. It's my only complaint (OK, there are more but my only one today). I should have realized it when I saw the few yellow leaves two weeks ago and sprayed. Now the trees are covered with sooty mold and the wasps are happy. I have to remember not leave anything under the trees as they get sticky real fast.

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Laundry, meal prep, editing photos and pulling 3 orders. Not very exciting today. But I did get inspired to take some more macro shots. I have been thinking about those photographers who do a series or study of something. Dozen of shots of the same subject with different angles, lighting, etc. I am not sure I can focus for that long.

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8:01 Bath time! Well, no. We are skipping it tonight because a thunderstorm has popped up. I have had Ryan on my lap for most of the evening. It wasn't bad, just long lasting.