[summer break in 80 days] day 54

072709 rainbow

7:28 Add this to strange kitchen items disappearing, I am missing a set of measuring spoons. So odd!

9:36 At the park.

Always check your camera settings! (Unless you are one those really lazy people who never take it off auto.) i just realized that my camera was on manual focus while taking those rainbow shots. I may be OK because they were so far away, then again. UGH. (edited to add: They are OK. Not great, but OK.)

Hazy day with high humidity. The only thing saving us is the realtively low temp of 81 degrees.

I made more photo templates this morning but didn't get them posted.

072709 rainbow-2

12:40 Bother! BB&B did not have any airbake pans.

1:45 Home. Target had the two pack of the airbake pans, medium & small. So I got one. Then I get home and there is another coupon from BB&B. I now have 3 and nothing I really need.

072709 rainbow-3

6:59 I spent much of the afternoon uploading photo templates, editing photos and making a mosaic of our trolley ride so I could post it for Mosaic Monday. I also started setting up a zenfolio site to try and sell some photos. I'll post the link when it is live. Eggs for dinner, yum.